HDB Locksmith Service

We are Neighbourhood Locksmith Service, the best in Singapore.

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Are you looking to change your HDB main door lock?
Or are you looking to open ur HDB door?

We provide you with the fastest and most reliable HDB locksmith service around your
neighbourhood 24 hours a day – Singapore HDB areas islandwide – North/ South/ East/ West.

The locksmith services that we provide for HDB are :

1) Opening of faulty or damaged locks and replacement and installation of new locks for HDB housing
  • Main door lock
  • Main gate lock
  • Flush bolt for main door
  • Flush bolt for main gate
  • Room door lock
  • Drawer lock
  • Window lock
  • Letterbox lock
  • Safe
2) 2 in 1 system, for example – Opening the main gate and main door with the same key.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are we allowed to change HDB lock?

Yes, we can. Although many owner thought that the letterbox belongs to HDB or singpost but they do not change the lock for you.

How do i change HDB lock?

You can either change yourself or find a locksmith to change it for you

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