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We have various choices for letterbox brand, recommended brand would be REAL brand as it is lasting and durable. Let us know if you're renting the unit or staying in the unit and we will recommend the best option for you

Are your letterbox lock old?
Are you having trouble opening or changing the lock on your letterbox?
Are you facing harassment issues - letterbox lock got superglued?
Is the key stuck inside the keyhole of your letterbox?

Our locksmith have help replaced a lots of letterbox lock before.

Common Letterbox issues faced by our customer

  • Superglue on letterbox lock
  • Wear and tear of letterbox lock
  • Misplaced letterbox key
  • Unable to open letterbox with key
  • Key stuck inside letterbox lock
Fret not! We can help you with all your letterbox woes.
Fun fact : Replacement of letterbox is done by locksmiths, not HDB or town council.

So look no further, we are able to provide you with the fastest and most reliable letterbox locksmith service around your
neighbourhood 24 hours a day – Singapore areas islandwide – North/ South/ East/ West.

We provide you with ease of access to your letterbox asap
The locksmith services that we provide for are :

  • Opening of faulty damaged locks
  • Replacement and installation of new locks for letterbox
  • Open old letterbox and replacing with new lock

Frequently Asked Questions

Are we allowed to change HDB letterbox lock?

Yes, we can. Although many owner thought that the letterbox belongs to HDB or singpost but they do not change the lock for you.

How do i change HDB letterbox lock?

You can either change yourself or find a locksmith to change it for you

Do i need to change my letterbox lock?

  • Yes, if theres missing letter/ item in your letterbox it means your letterbox have been compromised.
  • Yes, if theres a broken key in your letterbox lock
  • Yes, if your moving into a new unit.
  • Yes, if your moving into a new unit.
  • Yes, if you have been harassed - people glued superglue on your letterbox.
  • Yes, if you have misplaced or lost your letterbox key.
We provide 2 new keys for every change and replacement of letterbox lock so you will always have an extra spare key to keep.
We look forward to serving you ! Contact us now at 8823 8822 for fast enquiry !