Commercial Locksmith Service

We are Neighbourhood Locksmith Service, the best in Singapore.

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Neighbourhood locksmith specializes in commercial locksmith services and can help with your faulty locks,
keys stuck in the door knob, broken keys and jammed doors.

We provide you with the fastest and most reliable Commercial and Industrial locksmith service around your
neighbourhood 24 hours a day – Singapore condo areas island wide – North/ South/ East/ West.

The locksmith services that we provide for Commercial and Industrial are :

1) Opening of faulty or damaged locks and replacement and installation of new locks for Commercial and Industrial
  • Letterbox lock
  • Office glass door Lock
  • Office handle lock
  • Office round knob lock
  • Drawer/Cabinet Lock
  • Safe
  • Window lock
  • Electrical/ Water Riser
  • Masterkey system and key alike system
  • Letterbox lock

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